What’s the best sunscreen for surfing?

Sunscreens with mineral filters and a wax-based formula are best for surfing. They provide complete UV protection and are mostly reef safe, so they protect the ocean, too. When you’re choosing surf sunscreen there are certain ingredients you want to look out for so let’s (duck) dive in!

The best sunscreen for surf

What is surf zinc?

Basically sunscreen that contains zinc and other ingredients to provide tough, waterproof, UV protection when in the water. Surfers generally use zinc because it provides a physical barrier, reflecting UV rays, preventing them from penetrating and damaging the skin.

Best zinc for surfing

Zinc oxide

Sunscreen that contains zinc oxide provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays (known as broad spectrum). UV rays reflect off the surface of the water which can intensify exposure, particularly when surfing for long periods of time.

Zinc is sometimes used alongside titanium dioxide to provide higher SPF protection. There is some misconception that titanium dioxide is harmful but in non powdered form it is perfectly safe. Any information that suggests it is harmful refers to the inhalation of it in powdered form, which doesn't apply to sunscreen so you’re all good! Neither zinc or titanium absorb into the skin so they are now considered to be the 2 safest UV filters available.

It’s best to double check that the filters are non-nano to ensure that they are reef friendly, too. Protection for you and your world.

Palm & Pine reef safe sunscreen

Water resistance

The best sunscreen for your face should also be water resistant. This can come from synthetic (chemical) ingredients but more commonly with surf zinc brands the natural ingredient for water resistance is beeswax. This helps the product stick to the skin which prevents it from running into the eyes, and creates a waterproof barrier. Carnauba, candelilla, and sunflower are plant-based alternatives that perform the same function so if you’re vegan you want to look out for these ingredients in your surf zinc.

Palm & Pine surf zinc

What is the best zinc for surfing?

We’re biased, of course, but we think Palm & Pine SPF 50 zinc surf sunscreen is the best.

Why? Well, firstly we’re 100% vegan. We use no animal derived ingredients, choosing plant-based alternatives like sunflower wax and shea butter. Don’t take our word for it, here’s one of our latest reviews.

“The tinted spf50 sunblock is AMAZING! I really struggle to find ones that stay on the whole surf session and that I don't still get slightly burnt through, out in the Portuguese sunshine, but Palm & Pine is incredible!”

Secondly, when we developed the zinc for surfing we wanted to create a product that was easy to apply! So many of the products we tested were basically impossible to use and dragged the skin when applied. Palm & Pine is easy to apply which is gentler for your skin. The product has been put to the test here in Europe and it’s currently being tested in Bali. The product stays stable (doesn't melt or go hard) in both tropical and Euro climates so wherever you are, you know you can rely on your Palm & Pine.

Here’s Emilie putting it to the test here in Ericeira, Portugal. Oh did we mention, it makes you surf better? Fact.

It is also naturally tinted and fragrance free which is great for sensitive skin. It’s full of delicious ingredients to nourish your skin. Take a look at our full SPF 50 ingredients here.

If you're feeling pumped to try out the best surf zinc around, here’s a little gift from us. 15% off your first purchase of the SPF 50 surf zinc by using ZINC15 at the checkout.

As always we love hearing from you so if you have any questions feel free to to drop us a comment below or email us at hello@palmpineskincare.com

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