About us

The Palm & Pine Story

palm & pine skincare

It all started with homemade batch of sunscreen.

We relocated to western Portugal and a new beach lifestyle meant two things - we needed good sunscreen and wanted to protect the ocean. We gave some natural sunscreens a try but didn't like what we found. Thick, white formulas, plastic packaging. It was a no from us.

So we got to work on creating the products that we couldn't find.

Imagined on a beach in Portugal and developed in Cyprus. Palm & Pine is of European origins with a mission to be loved worldwide.

You can read our full story here. Read on for why we're different.


Conventional sunscreens contain traditional chemical UV filters and synthetic fragrances, all packaged in plastic pumps, sprays, and tubes producing plastic waste that ends up in landfills or worse, the ocean. Bad for our skin, bad for the planet.

It would be predictable if we told you that we're better than the rest, so it's easier if we show you...

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For the other sunscreen companies being ocean-friendly is all about the product. It’s a claim that their product doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that have been linked to coral bleaching and damage to marine life.

For us, it means this and so much more.

What’s the number one threat to the ocean? Plastic. So our ocean friendly claim goes beyond the product. We include the packaging, too. Ocean friendly but sold in ‘green’ plastic? Nah, we’re not buying it.

Palm & Pine is TRULY ocean-friendly from product to packaging. No greenwashing and no harm to the ocean.

Zero-plastic packaging. Recycled, recyclable, and reusable.

Who are we for?

Who are we for? The sunshine lovers who adventure amongst the palms and the pines, summer and winter. The surfers, snowboarders, nomads, and travellers.

Protection wherever and whenever you play.

The beginning

The dream became a reality after we successfully crowdfunded Palm & Pine. It started with an idea and a naked man in a field. The rest is history. Check out our crowdfunding video here.