What is Mineral Sunscreen?

Mineral sunscreens use physical filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect the skin against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Although both mineral and chemical sunscreens must be SPF tested and safe for use, many prefer the mineral option for skin sensitivity, safety and environmental reasons.  

What is mineral sunscreen?

How does mineral sunscreen work?

When UV radiation hits a sunscreen it can be either absorbed, reflected, or transmitted into the skin. Both mineral and chemical sunscreens protect by absorbing UV rays to turn harmful UV radiation into energy (heat). Mineral sunscreens absorb 95% of UV radiation and reflect the final 5%. Absorption basically means the UV ray is destroyed when it comes into contact with the sunscreen particle.

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Is mineral sunscreen safe? 

Sunscreens with mineral formulations have been proven to be the highly effective, dermatologically safe sun protection and are well suited to children and those with sensitive skin or acne. Recent studies* revealed that of the 16 UV filters used only two can be considered GRASE (generally recognised as safe and effective) - zinc and titanium.

Mineral sunscreens using non-nano particles are also considered to be less damaging to the ocean, coining the name "reef safe sunscreen", with the likes of Hawaii and Thailand amongst others, banning the use of chemical formulas in order to protect the local environment.

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Which mineral sunscreen is best? 

Previously associated with chalky, crude formulas that whiten the skin, mineral sunscreen have earned a bad reputation and many that have tried have been put off for life! Thanks to new technologies, however, modern mineral formulations are much more elegant, competing with, and often out-classing, the most luxurious of chemical sunscreens. 

Palm & Pine use the latest, non-nano zinc oxide to create a non greasy mineral sunscreen that leaves no white cast. Combining mineral filters with a host of natural and moisturising ingredients such as aloe, echinacea extract, and lemon balm, creating a fragrance free formula you will want to use every single day.

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