7 reasons to wear sunscreen every day

Wear sunscreen every day

"Should I wear sunscreen every day?" 

A common question with a very simple answer... yes!

Although UV rays are most powerful on clear, sunny days, radiation can still penetrate clouds and even windows, reflecting off surfaces such as sand, water and snow meaning that during the day, we are exposed to UVA/UVB radiation and its affects more than we realise. 

Read on to find out our top 7 reasons why you need to add some SPF to your daily skincare routine. Let's dive in!


1 - Sunscreen reduces your risk of developing skin cancer 

Looking like a lobster due to sunburn is neither attractive, safe, or comfortable but the real damage caused is more than skin deep. The long term effects of over exposure to the sun can carry a more serious risk. 

The Active ingredients in Sunscreen reflect and absorb the radiation emitted by the sun and when used daily, sunscreen can give long term protection against these UV rays, greatly reducing the chances of developing Skin Cancer. 

The ongoing depletion of the ozone layer allowing more harmful UV rays to reach us every year means that it has never been more important to include some SPF protection in your daily skincare routine 

Wear sunscreen every day


2 -  Sunscreen hydrates skin 

Hydrated skin is a happy, protected, and glowing skin! 

UV rays, along with the rigours of daily life can dry skin out, causing it to look dull and tired. 

Wearing daily UV protection can keep your skin looking plump and fresh whilst also protecting and helping the skin to regenerate itself. 

Normal, high quality moisturisers help to hydrate the skin but do not protect from UV rays so it's time to upgrade your daily routine!


3 - Sunscreen slows the ageing of skin 

Exposure to UV radiation can lead to the premature ageing of skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, freckles and discolouration, the term for this damage is known as “Photoageing”. Now, there's nothing wrong with wrinkles (they tell a thousand stories - I bet this guy has a few), but the name of the game here is skin protection.

UV protection can prevent premature ageing of the skin

UVA radiation from the sun causes proteins in the skin such as elastin and collagen to deteriorate. These proteins give strength and elasticity in the skin, resulting in a youthful, healthy look. 

Wearing Sunscreen daily can help to protect the skin from UV rays, slowing the depletion of such proteins and the ageing of your skin. Keeping you looking fresh for years to come. 


4 - UVA light can pass through windows and clouds 

It's a cloudy day so I don't need sunscreen right? Wrong!

UVA radiation plays a major part in accelerating the ageing of skin and has been linked to the development of skin cancer. 

Unlike UVB radiation, UVA has the ability to pass through clouds and the windows of your home, office and car which is another reason to think about how you can protect your skin every day, not just at the beach.

Applying a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection daily will block these rays and allow you to go about your daily business, safe in the knowledge that you are protected wherever you go.  

UVA rays can pass through glass


Reason 5 - Sunscreen can promote an even skin tone 

Daily application of a moisturising lotion containing SPF protection will keep skin hydrated whilst protecting it from outbreaks caused by sun exposure. 

A good skincare routine stops blemishes, dryness and wrinkles, keeping the skin looking healthy and creating an all over smooth, even skin tone. 

The question is, will you tell them your new SPF secret?

Palm & Pine daily skincare routine


6 - All skin needs protection

From the darkest to the lightest, all skin needs protection. Although dark skin will generally take longer to get burned than lighter skin, it is still susceptible to damage from exposure to UV rays. It is recommended that everyone protects themselves in the sun with a sunscreen of no less that SPF 30.

Palm & Pine Natural sunscreen


7 - Because these days sunscreens are much more than just protection. 

Gone are the days of nasty chemical sunscreens, filled with alcohol for quick drying and low quality ingredients for a big brands to race to the lowest possible cost. 

Today you can find amazing sunscreens with natural ingredients that protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays whilst providing nourishment and hydration, giving you complete, all-round skincare. 

It’s time to look at what all of the bottles and jars in you bathroom actually do and think, all of this can be replaced with 1 bottle of sunscreen!

Palm & Pine daily skincare routine

Palm & Pine is specially formulated to feed the skin with its daily needs, with nourishment coming from natural ingredients such as jojoba and aloe leaf juice, whilst the zinc oxide protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Oh and it comes in recycled aluminium too which can be recycled and reused after use. 

Treat your skin and yourself by applying our SPF 30 moisturizing sunscreen formula  daily and see the difference that the next generation of sunscreen can bring. 

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