The Sustainable Winter Guide

Ultimate Sustainable Winter Guide

Whether you are heading into the mountains to play amongst the pines, grabbing the 6mm wettie to catch some winter waves or hunkering down with a roaring fire, we have selected our favourite sustainable products for the winter to keep you warm, energised, and doing your thing to protect the winter.

FASHION  |  Finisterre

Finisterre Sustainable Clothing Brand

Finisterre has been a go-to brand for both winter and summer sustainable clothing for almost 2 decades now, but we have to say that the 2022 collection is by far the best.

Originated in the UK but sold worldwide, Finisterre are B-corp certified, the global standard in ethical and sustainable manufacturing practises. Not only that but they have a foundation promoting access and equality to ensure that everyone gets the chance to enjoy the ocean. Finisterre provides a best case example of a sustainable clothing brand. 

Click here to enter the wonderful world of Finisterre.

IMPACT  |  Protect Our Winters

Protect Our Winters Climate Change Movement

Protect Our Winters AKA POW is a community of athletes, scientists, creatives, and business leaders advancing non-partisan policies that protect our world today and for future generations.

This organisation was founded by snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones who during his career has witnessed global warming and its effects, he set out to make a change for a better future.

Protecting our winters is a cause close to our hearts. As passionate snowboarders we can’t imagine a world without snow. Climate change poses an increasing threat to winters as we know them so if you’re reading this and snow is your thing, we encourage you to check out this incredible movement.

With over 150,000 followers and 200 athlete ambassadors worldwide this rapidly growing community is striving for a better tomorrow and would like you to join them.

KIT  |  Lib Tech Orca Snowboard

Sustainable Snowboard Orca by Lib Tech and Travis Rice

The people's champion, Travis Rice has been tweaking and perfecting boards with Eco surf & snowboard manufacturer Lib Tech for many years now culminating in the release of the 2022 Orca. Designed to give you effortless powder turns but also with enough pop and flex to use as your go-to, all-mountain shred stick. 

Made with sustainable materials, eco manufacturing practises, and with a percentage of the profits from sales going to who track and protect Orcas in the Salish Sea, the Orca is a friend to the mountains, oceans, and snowboarders alike.

TRAVEL  |  Laax Resort

Riders Hotel Laax stockist of Palm & Pine

All-round riding haven and home to the European Open, Flims Laax Falera in Switzerland is striving to become the world's first energy self-sufficient alpine destination through economically viable initiatives. 

Reto Fry, the chief environmental officer of the resort is leading plans to harness regionally sourced Biomass, Wind, Solar and Hydro energy to produce the entire energy requirements for the year, transforming the entire destination from a consumer to a producer. A mission we are sure that every snowsports user can get behind. 

If you want to check out the resort this winter then we recommend a stay in The Riders Hotel. In prime location to access the slopes the hotel has become the go-to accommodation for pros and amateurs alike, with stunning rooms, restaurant, and events and parties taking place at the Riders Club.

Choose Laax for your next snow holiday and don’t forget to pick up some Palm & Pine sunscreen in the Riders Hotel boutique! 

FOOD & DRINK  |  Hot Chocolate 

Tonys Chocolonely Zesty Orange Hot Chocolate

Tony´s Chocolonely has teamed up with Sipsmith Gin to bring you the ultimate winter warmer, perfect for those fireside nights or cosy after lunch treats. Find out how to make the Zesty Orange hot chocolate here.

Both companies have incredible missions with Fairtrade manufacturing principles and B-corp certification, making this perfect sustainable winter drink with a little kick.

SKINCARE  |  Palm & Pine

Natural vegan sunscreen for winter by Palm & Pine

Although we don't usually associate sunscreen with winter it is still really important to protect your skin and prevent UV damage with a good daily sunscreen. For this, Palm & Pine recommend our SPF30 daily moisturising sunscreen. Packed with amazing ingredients such as chamomile and aloe extract it'll keep your skin looking fresh all winter long. 

For those hitting the mountains this winter, our SPF50 is perfect for long days on the hill. Did you know that the intensity of UV increases at altitude? So don't forget your sunscreen! This easy to apply formula is sweat and water resistant with our unique 'no tears' promise, all in a handy, pocket-sized tin.

To find out more about our amazing range of plastic-free, natural and vegan winter sunscreen.

NUTRITION  |  TribeTribe Natural Energy bars

Tribe produce a delicious range of vegan and gluten-free energy supplements. Made with natural ingredients their bars are perfect for winter adventures, post-workout protein or just a mid-morning snack in the office.

Along with this range of tasty treats, Tribe also has a foundation with the mission to end modern slavery, donating a percentage of their profits to the cause.

Find out more about Tribe performance nutrition powered by nature.


All of our fav winter treats with a healthy dose of sustainability. Let’s make this winter mean something. If you’re travelling, doing the sports you love, think about how you can bring a bit of sustainability into what you do, what you buy, and where you go. We’re winter lovers and we know you are too. Let’s find a way to protect our pine tree playgrounds with the choices we make today. Stay cosy and have a happy winter.

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