What's Mallorca like?

What's Mallorca like?

When you say Mallorca (pronounced ma-yor-ka) it can conjure thoughts of package holidays, parties, and sunburnt, British holiday makers.

It's true that the first 'abroad' experience for many of us Brits was in fact Mallorca, also known as Majorca. But to assume this is to miss out on the magic of the island. It offers so much more than paella (although delicious), pints, and parties. With clear waters, white sandy beaches, stunning mountainscapes, this really is the jewel of the balearics. Let's dive in and discover more.

Clear waters of Mallorca

To truly experience the island, it's worth getting off the beaten track. This can sound cliché but it really does apply to Mallorca. To sense its essence we recommend doing things a bit differently. Here's how.

Explore the inland

Away from the dazzling turquoise of the sea, the Mallorcan inland is where you can 'feel' island life. A slow pace. Where life can be observed, holiday schedules broken, and authentic memories made.

Orange trees of Sóller

Head to Sóller from Palma via the Ferrocarril de Sóller, the historic train built from the profits of the orange trade. The train connects the capital to what once was a town disconnected by the mountains. The journey takes you through the mountains and the 'orange valley'. Sóller is centred around the Plaça Constitució which is surrounded by cafés. Take a pause to watch the world go by, sipping on a Palo on the rocks. Find culture in the fine art of Picasso, set off for a mountain hike, absorb the buzz of the saturday market. This historical town is ripe with Mallorcan experiences.

From beach to mountains

Sa Calobra

Climb the Coll dels Reis from the village of Sa Calobra to an altitude of 2238ft. Experience a journey through the winding hairpins, 270 degree bridge, taking you from sea to mountaintop. The Serra de Tramuntana mountains stretch from north to south and rise to the highest point in all of the Balearic islands, Puig Major (4711ft). Explore the sublime natural beauty, away from the sea, where the palms turn to pines.

Stay somewhere unique

Unique place to stay Mallorca

Away from the towering hotels, trophies of the golden era of package holidays, you'll find cottages, fincas, and guest houses with intoxicating character. Take your time and take a chance on somewhere you wouldn't usually stay. Get close to the people and close to the local pace of life. Swap reception desks and buffet breakfasts for a chance to 'live' like a local, even if only for a week.

Hike to paradise

 Calo des Moro Mallorca

The island is laden with stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise water. The popularity of Mallorca and social media means that what were previously undiscovered beaches are now, well, discovered. Like a beachy metaphor for life if you're willing to put in the work, however, you will be rewarded.

Hike your way to paradise and escape civilisation at Cala des Marmols. A 5km walk will take you to this secret cove, a pocket oy Mallorcan heaven. Quiet, raw, natural, and mostly all yours. Just don't forget your sunscreen

Unreviewed Palma

Palma Mallorca

The best way to explore any city is to close Tripadvisor, ignore Instagram and just wander. Stroll the streets, let the city guide you to experience its true rhythm. Make room for spontaneity and create moments that are truly unique. Cosmopolitan, historical, vibrant, all woven together by the Mallorcan charm. Architecture, tapas, coffee stops, market stalls. Leave your phone at home. Let the city show you what it really is.  

So what's Mallorca like? Well, probably the opposite of what you think it is. So, book the ticket, touchdown in Palma and do the opposite of what the review sites tell you to do.

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