Tree Roots Volume 3 - Travis Rice Orca, NZ Surf, and a Side Hit Masterclass

The orca

Travis Rice has teamed up with Lib Tech Snowboards and The Orca Conservancy to release "The Orca", a snowboard designed to perform up to it's namesake, the apex predator.

Built with sustainable resources and with a percentage of the sales going to protecting Killer Whales and their natural habitat, this snowboard should definitely be pretty up there on your Christmas list this year! 

Check out their short film about the project and the board. 

New Zealand Surf

The master of style Torren Martyn teams up with Need Essentials Wetsuits and Royal Enfield Motorcycles for an adventure to discover the boundless surfing potential of New Zealand. 

With plenty of beautiful cinematography and documenting occurrences that you could only find when you leave your comfort zone, this is the perfect movie to inspire you to plan your next surf trip. 

Side Hit Euphoria

As you can tell we are pretty fired up about winter and this this edit from Arthur Longo flames the fire of our stoke!

If this doesn't make you want to grab your snowboard and send it off every single bump in the resort then you are dead inside. 

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