Tree Roots Volume 2 - Save The World, Icelandic Tales, Trips to Scotland

How To Save Our Planet With Sir David Attenborough

Here at Palm & Pine HQ we look for ways to make our lifestyle, processes and products as eco-friendly as possible. A micro change from each of us will create a macro impact overall. Real, impactful change for our future.

The World Wildlife Federation (WWF), along with Sir David Attenborough have created this short (8 mins), movie outlining 4 golden rules that us humans must follow for a better tomorrow.  

UNNUR - An Icelandic Tale 

Filmmaker Chris Burkard shares a moment in the life of Icelandic photographer and surfer Elli Thor. Beautifully capturing the journey of personal growth and perspective whilst raising his daughter Unnur, to follow the same values and love of outdoors that he has been raised with and holds dearly. 

Beautifully written and with some incredible cinematography this short film (20 mins) will warm the coldest of hearts. 

Some Travel Inspiration 

We may have moved to the sunnier skies of Portugal (hence our need for good sunscreen) but a part of our heart will always belong to our home nation of bonnie Scotland. We really feel this clip captures the atmosphere and beauty of the country and hope that inspires you see it for yourself. 

Travel might be very restricted at the moment but why not take a few minutes of your day to take yourself on a whistle stop tour on some of Scotland's best sights.



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