TREE ROOTS - Volume 1 Snowboarding VS the Government, Surfers at Sea and Europe's Most Dangerous Wave!

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Every week we will be scouring the internet for beautiful videos that represent the roots of our passion. From surfing to eco missions, we want to inspire you to get outside, get stoked, make a change. Whether it's documentaries, adventure vlogs, helpful guides, or jaw-dropping edits, we're excited to share this with you.

So without further ado... 

Snowboarding VS The Government 

Snowboarding icon and all round legend Jeremy Jones has been pushing the limits of back country freeriding for decades, constantly pushing himself into the challenges that the mountains can bring.

Over his career he has recognised the decline of snow conditions in the mountains due to global warming and sets out to discuss this issue with Americans from both conservative and democratic standpoints who do not always share the same ecological views. 

A must watch for anyone who cares about our natural playground.

Surfers at sea   

Follow former world champion surfer John John Florence and friends on a Pacific voyage in this beautifully shot, four-part documentary. Sailing their catamaran "Velha" to some truly unique islands whilst learning about the delicate ecosystem and the people who devote their lives to to taking care of it. 

 Europe's Most Dangerous Wave!

Down a dusty track, near our home of Ericeira Portugal, there is a break so shallow and wild that it's know as Europe's most dangerous wave. 

On rare occasions all the conditions come together to make this sharp, volcanic rock reef fire on all cylinders and when it does you will find Portugal's hardest charging surfers out there to find the barrel of their lives. 

Check out the latest edition of Nic Von Rup's Youtube Vlog - "Von Froth" to see just how good it can get! 

How did we do? 

Ok so that's volume 1 in the bag, but how did we do? 

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