Lost in Mallorca

Mallorca with Palm & Pine

Mallorca [ma yor ka] (39.6953° N, 3.0176° E)

Nestled in the Balearic islands, in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Mallorca (Majorca) hits different than other destinations. It’s something about the light. The sheltered coves, limestone mountains, clear waters, and ancient roman and moorish remains. We took a trip there and found ourselves lost in paradise.

We were there to explore. To experience the Mallorca vibe and take it all in. We arrived and cured our after-travel hunger with tapas and vermouth, surrounded by the sounds of Capdepera (39.7024° N, 3.4353° E). The air was warm and the food was fresh. Spanish voices speaking in unison around us as we feasted. We melted into the Mallorcan rhythm.

Mallorca with Palm & Pine

The day began with the morning breeze blowing the linen curtains into the room. The coffee was brewing and the chorus and energy of the market hummed in the background. The smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, carried in the warm air, as we looked down on the theatre production, below.

We headed to Cala Figuera (39.3302° N, 3.1686° E). Fishermen painted their boats as a dog scuffled over to welcome us into his port. So hot, so still. It was before lunch and only May but already the mercury was rising.

Cala Figueira - Palm & Pine Mallorca

Slowly wandering around, the unintended perfection of the place was found in the colours, the textures of the stone, green wooden doors, and the blue water. The Mallorcan palette.

Cala Figueira Palm & Pine Sunscreen

We stopped to take photos. Topped up our sunscreen and started dreaming about a long lunch. As we sat overlooking the water we ate fresh food and drank cold rose. It was time to siesta.

Cala Figueira - Palm & Pine Mallorca 

S’Amarador (39.3495° N, 3.1858° E) showed us what it means to fall in love with the Mallorcan coastline.


Walking through the sun baking pine trees, the white beach appeared, framing the clearest turquoise waters. The water was still fresh but the sand and sun were warm.

S'Amador - Palm & Pine Mallorca

As the sun set we drove east, back to base. The windows down, the evening air still warm. Palm tree silhouettes and the music providing the soundtrack to the perfect day. We were lost and found in Mallorca.

Mallorca with Palm & Pine

Cala Agulla (39.7209° N, 3.4548° E) was where we took our journey from land to water. Collected on the beach we were taken to the catamaran, anchored in the bay. The conditions were perfect for exploring the Mallorcan coastline, powered by wind.

Mallorca with Palm & Pine

The sun was baking down on us as we cut the water. Swarms of jellyfish passed by us. As we protected our skin, we talked about the ocean. It’s beauty. Why it should be protected. As we sailed we took in this new perspective of the land from sea, and swam in the cool, mediterranean waters.

Mallorca with Palm & Pine 

Our trip was nearing the end. We wandered the streets of Palma. Admiring the man made landscape. Another dimension of island beauty. The hustle of a city and a far cry from the peaceful coves but an energising moment to wake us from the hazy dream of days gone by.

We were at the end of the journey. Leaving on a high. We got lost and found paradise in Mallorca.

Concept - Palm & Pine | Photography - BakeryLab | Model - Ines Moura | Swimwear - INOUT

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